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Following on for the success of the original GHD ceramic iron we are pleased to present the GHD Mini Styler. Now with slimmer ceramic plates that smooth and shine your hair in minutes, easy to use with salon results. These hair straighteners are perfect for shorter hairstyles and great for men. They have a small curved barrel which is fabulous for creating curls, flicks and texture. Its great for shorter hair as they will get a fringe poker straight. Helps to seal in natural oils and moisture along with hair colour through the advanced infrared heat technology. Salon approved to straighten and smooth. These are covered by the manufactures guarantee. These are a genuine UK, CE approved product. An extra long "swivel" flex and UK plug are provided. Operates on 220/240v.

   GHD Mini Styler- Just 89.95    ghd mini straighteners

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Product reviews

Review by :- traceyB

The GHD Mini Styler is a very good product! It is a little expensive, but it has been worth it (about 70), and I have saved lots of time and money at the hairdressers. It is a good investment, especially for people with short or frizzy hair like mine.

Review by :- racygirl

One of the best styling products of all time. I have had the GHD Mini Styler for three months now and they have transformed my hair.

Review by :- legs11

I recomend these to anyone who is looking for a lightweight easy to use mini straightener.

Review by :- lgboy

I'm not going lie, I absolutely love my GHD Mini straighteners. I am a modern man for me and many of my male friends we straighten their hair and use GHDs to do so. The GHD mini stylers are perfect for shorter hair styles because they are incredibly easy to use and it only takes a second to do. GHDs get very hot very quickly. I find that the warm up time it takes is only a few seconds which is great as I like to get ready quickly in the morning.

Review by :- wacko

Without doubt one of the best purchases I have made. I am a man and with short to medium length hair that goes curly I need something to sort it out, these are the answer.

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