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This new GHD MK4 version of the best selling GHD ceramic straightener has now replaced the popular 3.1b GHD. It now offers temperature control for even greater styling. Universal voltage so you can take your straighteners on holiday with you, look good on the beach as well as at home. New sleep mode, automatically turns off and increased 2 year warranty for greater peace of mind.

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Product reviews

Review by :- JulieT

I have just got the new MK4 version, that you can use anywhere and they are easier to curl with. I am so pleased with these GHD hair straighteners, they have tamed my frizzy hair. Nothing else that I have used has worked as well, but these are really amazing.

Review by :- sexybum

I have had my first GHD straighteners since 2003. They have finally died after much abuse. I have now brought the new GHD MK4 (bit suprised by the price). They are much better than my original pair. Heat up much faster work better have a temperature control and even turn themselves of. The extra price does not seem so bad now. There great and I recommend them.

Review by :- teddy

My hair is not at all straight, it is naturally curly, even if I blow dry it, it is fly away and wavy. I have struggled with cheaper straighteners but they always left my hair less than straight. A friend recommended I try the GHDs, I bought mine the same day, and have never looked back.

Review by :- boytoy

I got these ghds for my birthday and they are briliant. They beep when they are at the right temperature and are relly easy to use. They work wonders on my curley hair. Even my boy friend notices so they must be good.

Review by :- shopaholic

The GHD MK4 are a fantastic product. I've had mine about 5 months and they have done me proud. No complaints on the product, only that they are a little expensive compared to a lot of other brand straighteners but I guess you get what you pay for and I would buy another pair.

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